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Plastic Bags and Film Packaging

Plastic bags and film packaging recycling program. There are collection bins located in the trash rooms of the 7200 Hudson Blvd, 7300 Hudson Blvd, 700 and 710 Commerce Drive. Plastic bags and plastic wraps make up the category “plastic film.” This includes everything from grocery and bread bags to shrink wrap and paper towel film. Some more examples of Plastic film are: Newspaper Bags, Case Wrap, Air Pillows, Packaging and Retail Bags. Recycled plastic bags and wraps can become new packaging or durable home building products. For more information, please visit the website:

Ink /Toner Cartridges

There are collection bins located in the trash rooms of the 7200 Hudson Blvd, 7300 Hudson Blvd, 700 and 710 Commerce Drive and 600 Inwood Ave for Ink and Toner Cartridges.

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Tips on REDUCING paper use:


Format Standard Forms for Paper Reduction. Reduce and double-side standard forms. When possible, automate standard forms as templates. Electronic forms are easier to use and eliminate the need for blank hard copy forms.

Use Revision Features in Word Processing Software. Take advantage of onscreen editing features when making changes to draft documents, then send the new draft electronically.

Send Information Electronically. Use e-mail for forms, document transmittals and faxes. Think carefully before printing electronic information. Organize and save it so it is easy to look up. This way you won’t need to make hard copy files of important information.

Reduce Unwanted Mail. Contact mail senders to take your company’s name off their mailing list or mark unwanted first class mail “Refused, Return to Sender.”

Eliminate Excess Mailings. Trim mailing lists used to send information to your customers. Give customers opportunities to indicate if and how often they want to receive information. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to minimize unwanted or duplicated mailings.


Provide Trays to Collect and Reuse One-Sided Paper. Encourage employees to save and reuse paper printed on only one side at their desks. Collect paper that has been printed on one side for reuse in copiers and fax machines. Also, use the one-sided paper to make scratch pads. Making ¼-, ½-, or full-size scratch pads is simple and easy—just put single-sided paper face up and secure with a paper clip or binder clip at the top!

Provide Trays to Collect and Reuse Envelopes and File Folders. Encourage reuse of large envelopes and file folders by providing centrally located trays for their collection. Your office can buy mailing labels with the your return address and logo to place over old addresses on envelopes to facilitate their reuse. Always encourage employees to first reuse items such as large envelopes and file folders at their desk.

Educate Employees on the Benefits of Paper Reduction

Let employees know that their paper reduction efforts not only save paper, but also postage costs (from reduced mail volume), and storage space requirements. All these savings add to a leaner, more efficient office that benefits everyone.

Promote a “Think Before You Copy” Attitude. Workers should be encouraged to make sure they really need the copies they are making and not to make excess copies.

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