Service Requests:

To make a service request, log-in here or call 651-731-0708.


All buildings have been designated non-smoking. This includes rest rooms and the warehouse areas. In addition, we ask that tenants do not smoke directly outside of the main entrances to the building. Cigarette collections urns are located at some of the back and side entrances to the office buildings.

HVAC Office and Office/Showroom:

The HVAC system is designed to provide maximum comfort and control during the normal business hours. The system does allow manual temperature control during the non-business hours through the use of an override switch on the thermostat. By pressing the button on the thermostat the system will be activated for a period of two hours. For a more detailed description for use of the manual thermostat controls see Thermostat Controls. If you experience challenges with the temperature within your suite please contact the service department at 651-731-0708.

Space heaters are not allowed for safety reasons. Please contact our office with any specific heating concerns.

HVAC Warehouse and Office/Warehouse:

To provide you with a tool to control your heating and cooling costs, the buildings are equipped with programmable automatic setback thermostats. Contact the management office for specific instructions. In addition, Xcel Energy will provide and install a Smart Thermostat for free to cut costs on your electric bill and keep you feeling comfortable on the job. Let us know if you would like to participate in the program!

Trash and Reycling Services

Tennis Sanitation provides waste management service for all of our buildings.

Warehouse/showroom tenants: Contact Stacy  at Tennis Sanitation at 651-313-5207 or

Office Tenants: Containers for trash, and recycling are located in the trash room of the office buildings.  The room is not locked and thus is a available at all times.

Single Sort Recycling: Office papers, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, cans, bottles, plastic film, shredded paper etc. can be mixed. Please click here for a complete recycling guide.

Items to Note:

  • Do not put loose plastic film in single sort containers. Clean and dry plastic film (plastic packing pillows, shopping bags, packaging, etc.) should be put in a bag, then can be included in the single sort.
  • We ask that all boxes are collapsed prior to putting them in the container.  There can be significant overages charges when they are not collapsed; these charges may be passed on to tenants when applicable.
  • Do not put loose shredded paper in the single sort containers. Shredded paper should be contained so it does not blow out when dumped.  It can go in transparent plastic bags or paper bags/boxes that are labeled.

Electronics recycling is available at many local retailers at no charge (Best Buy and Staples).

Printer/Fax/Copier Cartridge recycling:  There is a bin in the trash room.  If possible please put the cartridge in a box prior to recycling.

NOTE: All tenants should notify Crossroads Properties Service Department if they have, or are expecting to have a large amount of either trash or recycling.  Our trash service is based on the amount of trash and recycling that our tenants have on a normal basis.  If you are hosting an event, or have a large delivery of product, or any type of occurrence that is going to produce an abundance of material to be thrown out, it is imperative that you contact us so that we can schedule an additional pick up from our vendor if necessary.  Any additional costs that are incurred are the responsibility of the tenant.  Additional pick-up charges that are pre-arranged are minimal (fee charged by the vendor.)  Charges will likely increase significantly if a tenant fails to notify Crossroads and it becomes an urgent situation that includes our employees cleaning up trash.

We appreciate your cooperation with following procedures and taking responsibility for the items that belong to your business.

Snow Removal:

Our goal is to have the parking lots opened by 7:00-7:30 AM for tenant parking. If there are any special needs please contact our office.

Fire Extinguishers:

When necessary, Crossroads will contract to have qualifying fire extinguishers, annual servicing and inspections within the Demised Premises. We typically schedule inspections in March and September each year. Current rates are as follows:

  • New Extinguisher (10 lb ABC rated) $80.00
  • New Extinguisher ( 5 lb ABC rated) $55.00
  • Annual Certification $15.00

Janitorial Services:

Contact us for questions/concerns on janitorial needs via phone 651-731-0708.

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