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October 2014
As you will see below, we have been busy in recent months preparing for several new tenants, especially at the Crossroads Commerce Center.

In addition, we have been focusing our efforts on training Brad Geisler, our new Director of Operations to the Crossroads Family. Brad comes to us with many years of experience in the property management/maintenance field.  He has two children and three granddaughters.  He  enjoys spending time traveling with his wife Tanja, and is an avid hunter. Brad is from Hudson, WI and lives near the Willow River State Park.

Our efforts continue to reduce recyclables going into the waste stream.  See below for more details and additional tips on recycling.

The team at Crossroads Properties  is gearing up for the winter and upcoming holiday season.  Please see below for reminders on winter procedures.
In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday Crossroads Properties will be closed on Thursday 11/27 and  and Friday 11/28.  For any urgent issues during this time, please call 651-731-0708 and follow the out-going instructions to be connected to our on-call service.

Do you have an event, offer, job posting, etc. you would like to share with Crossroads Tenants?  Click to email Dawn with the details.

Be sure to read to end to see a special offer from our tenant Affordamac on MacBooks and iMacs.



Office tenants: Thank you to all who have increased participation in recycling!  We have seen a decrease in recyclables going into the solid waste stream, but still see challenges in the following areas:

  • Shredded/loose paper:  Please contain all shredded and loose paper.  This should be done in boxes, paper bags, or CLEAR plastic bags.  The waste hauler prefers that we do not use plastic, as it has to manually be removed, but if they can tell the bag contains just recyclable material they will open and dump it at their site.  When the containers are picked up at our sites loose paper tends to blow out and makes a mess in our parking lots.
  • Boxes: All empty boxes need to be collapsed prior to putting them in the container.  Full boxes take up a significant amount of space which leads to overflowing containers and in turn a mess in our trash rooms and recyclables in the trash.
  • Packing materials: Plastic film and styrofoam can not  be recycled in our co-mingle containers.  Please remove them from boxes before collapsing and either re-use or collect and bring to site that does recycle/reuse. (Most The UPS Store locations will take them.) Here is a link to the Woodbury location: The UPS Store.

Warehouse tenants with direct service:  As of January 1, 2016, most businesses in the Twin Cities will be required by law to recycle. Commercial businesses  that contract for four cubic yards or more per week of solid waste collection will need to implement recycling of at least three types of materials, such as paper, glass, plastic, metal and organics.

For more details on this new law and recycling tips for businesses please visit this website: rethink recycling 

Recycling tip

Reducing Unwanted Mail in the Workplace. Businesses receive mounds of unsolicited mail such as catalogs and advertisements. Handling unwanted mail costs your company time and money, as does:

  • Mail for employees that no longer work for the company
  • Multiple mailings for the same person
  • Poorly targeted mailings

Cut costs and save valuable time by reducing unwanted mail. See Reduce the Hail of Unwanted Mail from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. For further information, visit the Ecological Mail Coalition web site.

Tenant Updates

Crossroads Commerce Center 650-670-680-690-700-710 Commerce Dr  


Welcome A+ Tutoring to Suite 255 at the 700 Building. Since 1985 A+ Tutoring Service has been providing one-on-one tutoring (in the office, in home, or at a public location) and flexible scheduling to meet family needs.  Our experienced tutors provide individualized help to best meet the needs and learning styles of the students.  Serving students pre-K – adult A+ offers assistance in: all subject areas; test preparation (ACT/SAT); homework assistance; enrichment; organization, study skills, and time management. For more details visit their website:


Work is underway to build out a suite for Hot Spring Spas at 650 Commerce Drive.  They soon will have a showroom set-up to display all of their products, including hot tubs, swim spas and suanas.   You can count on their decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®  Find out more on their website:


MI-Tech Services  will soon occupy Suite 120 at the 670 building.  They are a national leader in the design of aerial, buried and underground cable placements, as well as an experienced designer of CATV and electrical distribution systems. For more information click here to be directed to the their website.

The Minnesota NorthStar Archery Club is getting settled in Suite 120 at the 680 building.  They are not just another archery range … they are a club, a community of archers whose aim is to promote the sport. They are comprised of archers young and old, compound and recurve working together to improve the quality of our practice and enjoy archery together. If you are interested in learning more, visit their website:

Crossroads Business Center

680 Hale Ave N


Welcome Dental Esthetics by Lor to Crossroads Business Center.  They are a boutique dental laboratory focused on complexed anterior to full-mouth reconstruction cases.  Using state of the art dental technology, Dental Esthetics by Lor has been able to provide solutions to the most diffiuclt cases locally and nationally, giving patients back their smiles.

Crossroads Business Center 2

  625-667 Hayward Ave N


Oyen Digital will now occupy 633 Hayward Ave N.  They are an innovative developer and manufacturer in the portable storage industry, specializing in professional A/V and RAID storage. They are dedicated to developing ground-breaking technology products using our extensive knowledge and experience in audio/video production and mass storage. Headquartered in Oakdale they have been active and successful in technology industries for the past 15 years. Check them out on the web at

Crossroads Building

7500 Hudson Blvd


Fractional Toy Store will now be sharing space with Crow’s Nest Yachts and Tanners Lake Sport ‘N’ Center at 7500 Hudson Blvd.  If you love boating in Minnesota, look forward to ice fishing trips every winter, or just enjoy the great outdoors, Fractional Toy Storeis available to support your passion and fuel your adventure. Click here for more details.

Snow Removal

The cold has arrived and we know the snow season will be here soon as well. The Crossroads Properties maintenance team and our plowing contractor will be working hard to clear the snow from parking lots and sidewalks as needed. The goal is to have the major work completed by 7:00 AM. Of course when the snow comes during the day, all attempts will be made to minimize challenges for human and vehicle mobility. Please drive and walk with caution when the snow plows are active, and feel free to contact us if you notice any dangerous conditions. If you need to leave a vehicle overnight for any reason please contact us so we can provide a location that will least impact the snow removal. Thank you for your cooperation.

Upcoming Events

Poinsettia delivery for our tenants will take place on Wednesday December 3rd from about 3:30 -5:00 for all Oakdale and Woodbury properties.  Delivery will be on Thursday December 4th for Burnsville buildings.  A member of Crossroads Properties staff and a local Boy Scout will be by to visit tenants that afternoon.  We expect to deliver nearly 200 plants! If you will not be at your office, please send a message with any special instructions. Let us know if we can leave the poinsettia for you or if you would prefer to pick up at our office, by clicking here: Poinsettia Delivery.

Tenant Offer -from Affordamac

Affordamac (a tenant at Crossroads Business Center 2) just received a fresh batch of very good condition MacBook Pro 13” laptops and 21.5” iMac Apple desktops.  If you, your business, your student or your friend needs an Apple laptop or desktop, then this is a deal you don’t want to miss!  Quantities are limited. All items are covered by our exclusive 90-Day Warranty.  Extended warranties are available for an additional fee.

We have many other Apple laptops as well and can customize to meet your specific needs.

MacBook Pro 13” 2011 Model  2.3 GHz Intel Core i5,  4 GB RAM,  320 GB Hard Drive, $699 each

iMac 21.5” Apple Desktop 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 4 GB RAM,, 500 GB Hard Drive, $499 each

Call 651-789-0800 or visit our local showroom:

637 Hayward Ave N

Oakdale, MN 55128

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am to 7 pm


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