Crossroads Properties  Newsletter

November  2012
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the Crossroads Family!  We are truly grateful for the relationships we have with our tenants and vendors.  We know the connections with each of you are the key to our success. We wish you all the opportunity to send and receive gratitude this Thanksgiving!

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday Crossroads Properties will closed on Thursday and Friday this week.  For any urgent issues during this time, please call 651-731-0708 and follow the out-going instructions to be connected to our on-call service.

Congratulations to Al Strom from B & A Auto who was the winner of the quote drawing from our last newsletter.  He will receive a $25 Dorothy Ann Bakery gift certificate.  See below for this month’s contest.

Tenant Updates:

Crossroads Business Center

680 Hale Ave N

Congratulations to AccessAbility Options on their recent expansion in the Crossroads Business Center.  They now occupy Suite 280 at 680 Hale Ave N. If you know of anyone in need of home remodeling to help preserve their independence visit their website:

Welcome Who’s on Your Case to Suite 120 at the Crossroads Business Center. They create custom/personalized cases for various cell phones.  For addtional information check out their website: Who’s on Your Case.

Crossroads Commerce Center

670-680-690-700-710 Commerce Dr 

Welcome ServPro to Crossroads Commerce Center. They have moved from the Crossroads Business Center and expanded in thier new space in Suite 120 and 220 in the 680 Building. For details on the services they provide call(651) 779-1000.

Crossroads of Oakdale

7200-7250-7300 Hudson Blvd

Congratulations to TPC on their recent expansion in the 7250 Buiding Crossroads of Oakdale.  This expansion took place less than an year after occupying their current space.

Welcome Beyond Chiropractic and ExitCare to the 7300 Building at Crossroads of Oakdale. Both are in their current space on a short term basis while alternate space is built out for them, but we welcome the opportunity to have them in our projects.

The Girl Scouts will again be distributing cookies out the 7200 Building this cookie season! Keep in mind, they do not sell cookies out of the distribution center, you will need to order from your local girl scout.

Crossroads Building

7500 Hudson Blvd

Valley Creek Church now occupies Suite 160 in the 7500 building.  For information about their services click here: Valley Creek Church.

Snow Removal

Although we have had a warm November, we know the snow season will be here soon. The Crossroads Propertiesmaintenance team and our plowing contractor will be working hard to clear the snow from parking lots and sidewalks as needed. The goal is to have the major work completed by 7:00 AM. Of course when the snow comes during the day, all attempts will be made to minimize challenges for human and vehicle mobility. Please drive and walk with caution when the snow plows are active, and feel free to contact us if you notice any dangerous conditions. If you need to leave a vehicle overnight for any reason please contact us so we can provide a location that will least impact the snow removal. Thank you for your cooperation.

Upcoming Events

Poinsettia delivery for our tenants will take place on Monday December 3rd.  A member of Crossroads Properties staff and a local Boy Scout will be by to visit tenants that afternoon.  If you will not be at your office, please send a message with any special instructions.  Let us know if we can leave the poinsettia for you or if you would prefer to pick up at our office, by clicking here: Poinsettia Delivery.

Winning Quote:

What does man love more than life,
Fear more than death or mortal strife,
What the poor have, the rich require,
What contented man desire,
What the miser spends and the spendthrift save,
And all men carry to their grave?

Please click here Quote answer to share your answer to this quote/riddle and to be included in this month’s drawing for a gift certificate for one free oil service at Metric Auto Works (import vehicles only).

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