Crossroads Properties Tenant Newsletter

July 2011
It is that time of the year again…Time for the annual cook-outs!  See below for dates at each location and watch for an email with additional information!  For those of you that are new to Crossroads, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Besides preparing suites for new tenants, our operations staff have been busy with prevenative maintence and service requests.  As a reminder, all service requests should be directed to Joe in our service department at 651-389-9985 or  By contacting Joe directly we will be able to respond to your requests in the most effcient manner.

As you will see below, the crew has been active with build outs and suite turnovers.  We welcome serveral new tenants this month, with more to come in August.  We also have many tenant expansions to annouce as well.

Do you have a job to post or an event to announce?  Send me an email at to be included in the next newsletter.

New Tenants

Laughlin Law Office – On July 1st, Tom Laughlin and his secretary Annette Chlebeck, moved into Suite 235 in the Lake Elmo Bank Building at 600 Inwood Ave.  Tom is a lawyer who has been in practice for over 35 years.  His focus is on personal injury law with an emphasis on helping persons injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability and other matters involving negligence.  Please fell free to stop by and say hello.

Welcome Adam Korn with Geographic Information Services who is currently in Suite 107D in the 7200 Building of Crossroads of Oakdale.

Kumon Math & Reading Center will soon be occupying Suite 170 in the 710 Building at Crossroads Commerce Center.

Tenant Expansions:

Congratulations to the following tenants that have recently expanded:

Pomegranate Designs has moved and expanded their warehouse from the 670 Building to the 710 Building at Crossroads Commerce Center.  Stop by Suite 180 and take a look at what they have done and the deals on furniture and accessories.

Metric Auto Works is also expanding to take an adjacent suite in the 670 Building at Crossroads  Commerce Center.

City Cottages has recently moved from a single office to an office warehouse suite in the 7200 Building at Crossroads of Oakdale.

We are happy to be able to provide space that meets the growing needs of our tenants!

Tenant News:

Rob Olson, owner of Quantum Group and long time tenant in of the 7300 building is having a fundraising event on July 23rd called the Breathe Easy Music Festival benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  He has asked that we share this information with our tenants.  Below are links to a poster with details about the event. The website for the event is There’s a video on there with highlights from last year’s event (and tornado).


For additional information, contact Rob Olson directly at 651-210-6664.

Tenant Appreciation Cook-outs

TA resize

NOTE: Some locations will be different from previous years.  Watch for an invite with additional details.

Monday July 25th – Oak Ridge East Professional Buildings – 625 & 675 Nicollet Blvd E

Tuesday July 26th – Crossroads Commerce Center 700 Commerce Drive

Wednesday July 27th – Crossroads of Oakdale 7250 Hudson Blvd Suite 140

Thursday July 28th – Lake Elmo Bank Building  600 Inwood Ave

Need a tow?

Contact Bolts Roadside Service at 651-398-3659.  They are a tenant in our Crossroads Building at 7500 Hudson Blvd. For additional information on the services they provide, visit their website: Bolts Roadside.

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