A conference room is available in the 675 Nicollet Blvd East Building, the Lake Elmo Bank Building, the 7300 Building at Crossroads of Oakdale and the 700 Building at Crossroads Commerce Center for use by any of the tenants in the respective complexes. Our intent is to have a conference room available for the occasional use of our tenants. The following procedures are meant to insure consistent use of the room.

Reservations for the use of the room will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Click here to view current calendar and make reservations.

Click here to view current calendar and make reservations.

Click here to view current calendar and make reservations.

Click here to view current calendar and make reservations

All reservations for 675 Nicollet Blvd East, Crossroads of Oakdale and Crossroads Commerce Center will be handled through the Crossroads Properties via the links above for the online form submission.

Reservations for the Lake Elmo Bank building conference room will be handled through the Lake Elmo Bank teller line at 651-748-4802.

1. There is no charge for the use of the room, as long as the room is left in a reasonable condition after use.

2. The room is equipped with a TV and VCR.

3. The room at Crossroads of Oakdale is equipped with internet access.

4. A white board is installed on the end wall. The dry erase markers in the room are the only ones to use.

5. The room is locked at all times, you can pick up a key as follows:

  • 675 Nicollet Blvd E- Suite 135  (Minnesota Lung)
  • Lake Elmo Bank Building – Bank office
  • 7300 Building at Crossroads of Oakdale –Suite 210 (Management office)
  • 700 Building at Crossroads Commerce Center – Lockbox

6. Tenants using the room will be responsible for any clean up needed. If food is being brought in, please remove any remains and deposit the trash in the building trash container located it the trash room.  Alternatively, you can arrange for the room to be cleaned. Please contact our office if janitorial service is required 651-731-0708 or service@crossroadsproperties.net

700-710 Patio

In general, the patio is available to all tenants daily on a first come first served basis. But, reservations can be made for groups as needed by using the Crossroads Commerce Center Conference Room Reservation Form.

Please provide at least a 24 hour advance notice.

When a reservation is made we will send an email to all tenants to communicate the date and time of the reservation.

Finally, please keep in mind that smoking is not allowed on the patio.


7300 Conf room (2)

Crossroads of Oakdale Conference Room  – 7300 Hudson Blvd N, Oakdale MN

LEB conf room

Lake Elmo Bank Building Conference Room – 600 Inwood Ave, Oakdale MN

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